Woronicza Qbik

Realized project in category residential

Delivered in 2012, Woronicza Qbik is one of the most unique residential projects in Warsaw. Adapting the loft concept to a modern setting, Qbik has breathed fresh air into Warsaw’s residential real estate market. It is located in the prime Mokotów district, where the entire city is close by: restaurants, clubs, shopping malls, schools, trams, buses, subway, etc. Qbik consists of 350 residential apartments with both one and two floors and ranging from 32 m² to 206 m² in size. Qbik redefines the concept of space in many ways. First of all, there is the space in your double-level apartment, which features windows nearly six metres high. Externally, you will be amazed by the spacious and exciting panorama of Warsaw from the top floors and the space of the inner mezzanine patio through the glassy facade. The project aims at people who require an inspiring and creative living environment. The atmosphere of the project is enhanced by the carefully designed patio with greenery, small architectural elements and a special building that hosts fitness equipment for Qbik inhabitants.