Bliskie Piaseczno

Realized project in category residential

Bliskie Piaseczno is a housing estate that represents a new quality in the city’s architecture. The modern concept of the estate, which integrates and focuses the life of residents around carefully landscaped courtyards, is the idea of Ghelamco - the Belgian development company famous for its innovative office designs and unique apartment buildings, distinguished by high-class design and comfort. The company’s mission is to create an urban space that enriches the residents’ lives. Bliskie Piaseczno is such a place whose design stays in an equilibrium of scale, maintaining the balance between intimacy and a sense of community and being close to the needs of residents - all that augment well-being. In the first stage, two buildings were built with open, green leisure courtyards, providing a comfortable solution for residents. In order to combine residential, recreational and commercial functions in one place, 27 service premises were also developed for everyday shopping and various services right next door. The second stage of the estate will include another building. It shall be architecturally similar and made with every attention to detail, using the materials known from the first stage, which is now ready at Tukanów Street. The next phase of the project shall feature a private patio that ensures peace, security and the opportunity to relax among the greenery. Bliskie Piaseczno is located at the southern border of Warsaw, close to access roads, which makes the estate very well connected with Warsaw and surrounding towns. The modern architecture of the buildings and a broad range of well-designed flats make this place not only worth living but also spending your free time.