The Arc, Living spaces that immerse you

Published: 03-09-2021

Living spaces that immerse you, while a classic, Art Modern-inspired industrial charm rules the outside, the modern materiality, textures and tones of the interiors make the experience of coming home one than gradually softens, drawing you in to a place of sanctuary and relaxation. Wide, floor-to-ceiling windows and open-aspect views from the balconies and winter gardens minimize the separation of indoors and out, making you feel a close connection with what’s outside. The intricate interior aesthetic is composed of cool stones, soft woods and beautifully finished fixtures and fittings, conjuring the subtle interplay of light and materiality that brings each space to life.

Living at the Arc goes far beyond your private apartment. Experience the 7the floor amenities, to the screening room, the independent ground floor restaurant, the golf simulator, private and beauty treatment room, a social and work hub, flexible office spaces arranged over 6 floors with dedicated lobby, cycle store, gym and shared space nurturing safe, sustainable and efficient working for London’s best and brightest. Tomorrow’s office space, today, at The Arc City Road.