football stadium Royal Antwerp FC

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Ghelamco has created a new football experience in the stadium of Antwerp FC football club. The construction of the new Stand 1, with 5,600 seats, 18 boxes and much more, is an important landmark in the development of “The Great Old”, the oldest club in the country.

Time had stood still on the Bosuil, the home of the Royal Antwerp Football Club, for several decades. In terms of infrastructure, the club was hopelessly lagging behind at the end of last season, while celebrating its promotion to the Belgian First Division. Apart from some limited repair work, nothing had been invested in the stadium of the country’s oldest football club for decades. With the construction of the new Stand 1 by Ghelamco, a new football experience was created, which can lift the club to another level.

The outdated Stand 1, with 2,400 seats, was replaced by a brand-new, modern infrastructure with 5,600 seats, equipped with all the necessary facilities: changing rooms for the players and referees, a high-end media centre for the press, facilities for the emergency services, catering facilities (which are open during training sessions and competition days), multi-purpose rooms, executive boxes and VIP areas. All this allows the club to receive its supporters and partners, including the business world of Antwerp and far beyond, at a higher level, with more comfort and good business concepts within an appropriate infrastructure, including 18 executive boxes. The new, child-friendly infrastructure has been specially designed and equipped to welcome groups and families who, together with their children, want to enjoy a pleasant football afternoon or evening.

The spacious entrance hall welcomes visitors in style. The Diamond Box, which is also situated on the ground floor, offers a unique VIP experience, with a view of the players’ tunnel. Everyone can find what they want in the spacious fan shop. Open spaces that allow visitors to get together before, during and after the match are available on the 1st and 2nd floor. These areas provide direct access to the stands. Floors 1 and 2 are arranged so that they each have their own character, and offer a specific experience (including in the area of catering and hospitality), but seamlessly connect to the larger whole at the same time.

The (semi-)mobile installations (e.g. hamburger tent, chip shop, etc.), which were previously scattered about in front of the stadium, are now integrated into the complex. The restaurants are located on the 3rd floor. The 4th floor offers space for the boxes and VIP areas of the club. The new infrastructure now also houses the club’s offices.

The brand-new complex, with a total floor area of 16,600 m2, was built with an eye for quality, right down to the smallest finishing detail. A top experience was thereby created in a period of just fifteen weeks. The old stadium was demolished, 400 piles went into the ground, and 12,000 m3of concrete was incorporated into a construction that is 114 m long, 50 m wide and 35 m high and with 4,300 m2 of glass windows.

In the meantime, the other stands and the surroundings were also refurbished. Antwerp FC can now welcome the best supporters in the country in a manner that is more than dignified.