Dmitrov Logistics Park Building B
The second phase of Dmitrov Logistics Park project - Building B of the total area 75 868 sq.m. was completed in May 2014 and fully let.
The construction of first phase of building “C” (the third building within Dmitrov Logistics Park), unit C1 with total area of 20 000 sq. m., was completed in January 2017. 

Currently the construction of the second, final phase of building "C", units C2 and C3 (total area 25 000 sq. m.) is nearing completion.
Building "A" (59 841 sq. m.) and building “B” (75 686 sq. m.) are fully commissioned and occupied with tenants. 

Units from 5,000 sq. m. to 45,000 sq. m. within building "C" are available for lease. Among the advantages of the layout of building “C” is a unit of 10 000 sq. m. which is suitable for cross-docking.  

In parallel with the completion of building "C", design works of the final building (D) which will extend to 55 000 sq. m., are in process.