Dimitrov Logistics Park Building C
The remainder of Building C, units C2 and C3 having an area of 25,727.23 m2, was successfully delivered in September 2017. This was the last phase of the whole building C with a total area of 45,466.54 m2.

The first phase, unit C1 of 19,739.31 m2, being the third phase of Dmitrov Logistics Park (DLP), was commissioned in January 2017. 

Building C warehouse is a unique building, and there is no a compatible construction in terms of form and shape on today’s warehouse market. The building is divided into 3 fire zones of different width, which offers the possibility to satisfy the demands of any tenant who requires cross-docking operations.

The building is entirely ready to accommodate the tenant and ensure its operational activity. The building is equipped with charging rooms for forklifts; office premises allow accommodating all the tenant’s services without an additional investment from the tenant’s side, having all the necessary rooms in place: a shipping room, drivers’ room, locker rooms for warehouse personnel, a kitchen and a room for security service. 

Mirror-like design (charging rooms, entrance groups, offices modules) of units C1 and C2 allow flexible division of the units to tenants.

Flexible layout concepts allow to modify accordingly to the demands of potential tenants on expansion of the office premises and mezzanines.
The building was designed and delivered in compliance with innovative technologies as follows:

  • All the buildings of the logistics park are certified against the BREEAM requirements – “green technologies”, aiming at taking care of a micro-climate and personnel’s comfortable staying in the premises, and preserving the environment;
  • The floors were casted using post-tensioning  technology, which allows to avoid joints in the floors and thus reduce operational expenses on the floor joints and forklifts wheels repair;
  • Lighting technology on the basis of LED light fixtures allowed to achieve high illumination intensity (200 lux)  and uniformity of illumination along all the warehouse area (the non-uniform illumination index is more than 0,8), having increased warehouse personnel performance and reduced expenses on electricity.
  • Each building unit has an independent heating and electricity supply systems, which allow adjusting utilities expenses depending on the tenant’s individual requirements, giving every tenant the possibility to optimize utility charges.


  • Structures – precast concrete columns with steel trusses
  • Column grid 12 х 25 meters and clear height – 12 m
  • Facades – sandwich panels and glazing
  • Foundation on piles
  • Floor slab 18-20 cm
  • Floor bearing capacity is 8 ton per sq.m
  • Jointless floors
  • Floors are coated with hardener and anti-dust topping
  • 1 dock gate per each 1, 000 sq.m  warehouse space
  • Sprinkler fire-fighting system with sprinkler heads ESFR – 25
  • Combined extract-and-input ventilation
  • Charging rooms in each warehouse unit
  • Energy efficient lighting fixtures (LED)
  • Excellent natural light achieved by means of smoke flaps
  • Availability of electrical capacity (up to 9 MW) for chilled and frozen storage
  • Cross-docking is designed for each unit